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7/8 Baseball Rules

Illinois District 15

7/8 Year Old Baseball Division


Rules clarification:

  • The following rules shall apply to all District 15 inter-league games.

  • A maximum of one manager and two coaches are permitted to participate in the game. The manager and coaches must remain in the dugout unless coaching a base. One coach must always be in the dugout.

  • All players must be properly equipped. Catchers must wear a throat guard. All bats must be legal according to Little league rules.

  • Continuous batting order will be in effect.

  • All players must play 6 consecutive defensive outs unless the game is shortened.

  • Runner may advance only one base per steal. No additional bases can be taken on an overthrow when attempting to steal a base.

  • The ball must cross the plate before a player can leave a base.

  • A runner cannot steal home or advance on a passed ball. A runner can only score on a ball in play or a walk or hit by pitch with the bases loaded.

  • A special pinch runner cannot be used.

  • On deck batters are not permitted on or off the field of play.

  • Infield fly shall not be in effect.

  • A maximum of five runs can be scored per team per half inning for the first three innings. Unlimited runs may be scored in any subsequent innings.

  • All games shall have a two hour time limit and no inning can start after 7:45PM on Sunday through Thursday regardless of the start time. For Friday and Saturday games, the two hour time limit shall still apply but a new inning can be started after 7:45PM.

  • Each team must supply a new baseball for each game.


Prior to June 1:

  • No walks. If a batter gets four balls, a coach will throw a maximum of three additional pitches to the batter. If the batter does not put the ball into play, the batter is out. If the batter fouls the final pitch, the player shall receive another pitch. 


Beginning June 1:

  • All walks shall apply.










These rules can be found online at

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